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for a person who isn’t exclusively attracted to people of the same gender I sure do say im gay a lot

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*tucks my shirt into my pants*

*shinji aesthetic*

*tucks my pants into my shoes*

*kaworu aesthetic*

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Okay guys, so you know how Rin has a thing about the pant sleeve rolled up with the ankle bracket exposed? 



Let me explain to you guys a thing I happen to know a bit about. *cough*

In the gay men’s club scene (certainly in Australia and America), guys use different attributes (like bracelets) to indicate their preferred ‘position’. Like back in the 70’s when men would use one pierced ear to indicate homosexuality— guys now use nail polish on one hand, but also ankle and wrist bracelets to indicate their sexuality and their preferred position. 

As opposed to just having a bracelet, if you roll your sleeve up to expose it it shows that you want other men to notice it, and thus you are wearing it deliberately.

Generally — Right is Bottom, Left is Top. 

So Rin Really does prefer the bottom. (at least with Sousuke in the second pic, I guess when he clubbin’ he wants to be the top)


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Finally. I’m home.

so i tried to make this deep and meaningful and added a water gif